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Kenward Trust, founded in 1967, is a registered charity that helps men and women overcome drug and alcohol misuse. In excess of 10,000 have been helped with an average of 190-200 on an annual basis. We do this by delivering residential rehabilitation projects, and community and youth programmes, across Kent and Medway.

We are passionate about our work and helping individuals transform their lives by avoiding dependence upon drugs and alcohol. This is vital and essential for all of us living in society since substance abuse can affect anyone, anywhere and at any time of life.

Our Kenward in the Community programme is a preventative, early intervention and outreach-focused misuse service. It is delivered by a team of people from diverse social backgrounds who all have an excellent reputation in delivering youth services. They work together to deliver the Kenward Intervention Programme and community outreach work with hard to reach young people where drugs and alcohol can be causing anti social behaviour. They are all fully DBS checked to work with young people and vulnerable adults.

The biggest obstacle to reducing substance misuse is the inability to begin talking about the subject. In schools, workplaces and in general everyday conversation, ‘drink and drugs’ is a subject that is still not easy to discuss.

We are pleased to have been awarded a grant from the Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust to deliver Think Differently, our free drug and alcohol education and intervention sessions to secondary schools across Kent and Medway.

Using real life stories and experiences from individuals with previous drug and alcohol addictions, ex-offenders and current prison volunteers, Think Differently engages with young people raising awareness of the issues and potential consequences of drug and alcohol dependency. It helps young people to see these issues of crime and addiction and how it affects people. It outlines starkly that if they continue to follow the path they are on, then there will be multiple, negative consequences. Think Differently can help young people to make an informed choice due to contact and conversation with people who have been caught up in crime and addiction, because their lives have been affected by substance misuse.


Half Day (up to 3hrs) £120

Full Day (up to 6hr) £240

Think Differently can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your school and/or particular year groups. It can be delivered to the whole school via an assembly, to specific year groups or to a small group of targeted individuals who may already be experimenting with drugs and alcohol or a risk of using drugs and alcohol. Our funding also enables us to offer an additional follow up day with a member of the Kenward in the Community team to offer further group/one to one work with individuals.

As an alternative, we are also able to deliver the Think Differently programme at our residential rehabilitation centre in Yalding. The onsite programme is for young people who are at a high risk of using or are using drugs and alcohol. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehabilitations centre can be very powerful for young people. It is very successful in helping young people see the issues their lives are leading towards and to meet and talk to the men and women who have had their lives turned upside down helps the young people explore. As part of the Think Differently project, the day would be free (including a light lunch) but transport to and from Yalding, and any costs associated with that, would your responsibility.

If you would like to discuss our Think Differently programme attending your school, or have any other questions relating to drugs and alcohol, please do get in touch with me using the details below.

We look forward to working with you and your school to deliver valuable drug and alcohol education and awareness to your pupils.


99% of teachers have rated Think Differently either 'excellent' or really good'

88% of young people have rated Think Differently as 'excellent', 'really good' or 'good'

A spokesperson from The Rochester Grammar commented this after Think Differently visited their school:

"We would like to praise Andy who came to our school ,The Rochester Grammar, today to talk about drugs and life decisions we found his talk and life story very inspirational and it touched all of us deeply".

A Teacher from Tonbridge Grammar School commented this about Think Differently:

"I have been in one of the sessions this morning and I must say it is INCREDIBLE. The stories, the way they are been told, the absolutely hard hitting life Andy has had, moved me to tears in several points in the presentation. Seeing that he now is the picture of health as I told him and seen what his background was, has been a very emotional roller coaster. Our students are captivated by what he tells, they were completely attentive and engaging with the speakers. It is (sadly) so relevant to young people nowadays and I just hope what they have heard today helps them in the future to make the right choice. I must say I am impressed and really grateful for having them here today so THANK YOU so much for allowing this to happen."

If you would like to discuss our Think Differently programme attending your school please contact, John Shanley, on 01622 814187 or email

Any questions please do ask, and we look forward to supporting your school and students with education on drugs and alcohol, ASB and prison.